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Assessment of Risk at Renewal - Be Aware of Changes in Your ...

Sue McConnachie   |     Oct 01, 2019

A change in corporate status, increased debt, defaulting with the Canada Revenue Agency and creditors, decreased liquidity, delinquent activity, a change in the corporate name or in the jurisdiction in which your tenant can do business - these are just some of the many changes that could occur from the time your tenant signed their original lease to the time they sign their renewal.

Being unaware of these changes could be detrimental to your continued success in property management.

That is why you need to treat each renewal tenant as you would a prospective tenant, screening them prior to renewing.

How Can Property Managers Benefit By Using In-Depth Credit R...

Sue McConnachie   |     Jul 16, 2019

All areas of commercial property management can be exposed to risk. To mitigate these risks, it is important to take advantage of all the tools available to you whenever possible. 

Who Are the Tenants You Are Inheriting with Your Income Focu...

Sue McConnachie   |     May 17, 2019

When working in real estate advisory or the commercial property investment industry, due diligence is critical to a successful purchase. This is especially true when it comes to assessing the value and quality of an existing commercial tenant base and the future income stream of the property. 

Personal Property Lien Registry - An Important Piece of the ...

Sue McConnachie   |     Apr 12, 2019

There are many searches and sources of information utilized to comprise a current investigative report for the property manager, creditor, franchisor, or OEM. The Personal Property Lien Registry is one of those sources and can provide a wide range of pertinent information. It is important to remember that the information gathered from this source is not always considered negative, as liens can also be registered in the normal course of business.

5 Ways to Steer Clear of a Potentially Bad Commercial Tenant

Sue McConnachie   |     Mar 22, 2019

Commercial leasing discloses a potential hazard of risk and liability. Ensuring you choose the right tenant, at the outset, can dramatically decrease the risk and minimize exposure to arrears, defaults, rent concessions, evictions, legal claims, theft and more. 

Common Questions Regarding Credit Checks for Renewal Tenants

Sue McConnachie   |     Mar 07, 2019

In this blog, Quality Credit Reporting (QCR) takes a look at some of the most common questions we receive in regards to credit checks for renewal tenants and lists them for your benefit here:

What Landlords Need to Know About Changes to PIPEDA

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 28, 2018

When leasing commercial property to a tenant, large amounts of information are collected, used and disclosed, which makes sense. As a landlord, it is important for you to know who your tenants are so that you can enter into a relationship with the right business while also ensuring your property is protected.

From a tenant perspective, however, there is an expectation for privacy when it comes to their business and their work space. 

That is where the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, better known as PIPEDA, comes in. 

Why Instant Reports are not the Best Solution for Screening ...

Sue McConnachie   |     Nov 23, 2018

A troublesome tenant can be a costly issue. Not only do you incur the loss associated with unpaid rent and the eviction process, but you will also have to invest more time and money in finding a new tenant, repairing damages they may have caused, as well as worry about the effect they had on other tenants and your long-term relationships with them. 

How to Complete a Prospective Tenant Application

Sue McConnachie   |     Oct 31, 2018

Choosing the right tenant is the best way to protect your investment, but when getting to know prospective tenants, there is often hidden information that a standard screening process cannot uncover.

This makes it difficult to ensure you have selected the right leasee at the outset, and that leaves you, your business and your company vulnerable. Decreased cash flow, frequent turnover, rent concessions, lease modifications, default, evictions and costly dispute resolution are just some of the many risks that exist. 

To offset these risks, it is important to consider enhanced screening methods that take a deeper look at your prospective tenants. 

Income Focused Property Acquisitions – Evaluating the Existi...

Sue McConnachie   |     Aug 29, 2018

When working in the real estate advisory and commercial property investment industry, due diligence is critical to successful purchase. This is especially true when it comes to assessing the value and quality of an existing commercial tenant base and the future income stream of the property.

Go one step further. Look beyond the past performance of the existing tenants as it is not always a reliable indicator of future performance. 

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