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What a Land Title Sub-Search Can Reveal During the Credit Approval Process

  Sue McConnachie   |     Jun 24, 2024

There are many searches and sources of information utilized to comprise a current investigative report for the property manager, creditor, franchisor, or OEM. A land title sub search is one of those sources and can provide a range of pertinent information. Results can assist in confirming ownership, in what is often an individual’s primary asset.

What is a Title Search?

A title search or property title search is the process of retrieving documents detailing the history of a piece of real property, to determine relevant interests in and regulations. The process of performing a title search involves acquiring the official land records for the subject property. The objective of the title search in a credit report is to determine ownership and value of an asset, assisting in the qualification of a prospective tenant, franchisee, or OEM.

What details can be revealed by a title search?

  • Applicant’s ownership in the subject property
  • Outstanding encumbrances such as mortgages and liens
  • Date of Purchase and purchase price
  • Assessed Value of Property
  • Approximate equity in home
  • Notices placed by Revenue Canada
  • Municipal Property tax arrears notices
  • Environmental and Construction Liens
  • Notices of Pending Litigation

At Quality Credit Reporting, we take an investigative approach to every file and find the most valuable, credible and up-to-date information possible to help our clients. For more information on our reports and how they can assist your company, contact us today!

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By Sue McConnachie

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