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How Can I Locate Assets in Order to Collect on an Outstandin...

Sue McConnachie   |     May 31, 2019

You need the best information possible prior to launching a legal action against a debtor or attempting to enforce a judgment. The defendant’s financial worth will significantly impact the likelihood of recovery.

3 Factors to Consider Before Proceeding with Legal Action

Sue McConnachie   |     Sep 28, 2018

The debt recovery process can be time-consuming, costly and emotionally demanding. Even if you don’t make it to court, paperwork and consultations can quickly eat up your resources. That is why, before proceeding with legal action or enforcing a judgment, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it. 

To ensure you are making the soundest decision possible, there are three factors you may want to consider. 

Debt Recovery - Should You Proceed with Legal Action

Sue McConnachie   |     May 26, 2017

Establishing a debtor or defendant’s financial worth and whereabouts is key when considering launching a legal action or when trying to enforce a judgment.

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