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Quality Credit Reporting works with businesses and corporations of all sizes in North America, and we are always pleased to receive feedback from our clients. We'd like to share these testimonials with you.

If you are a client of Quality Credit Reporting, please be sure to send us your feedback using the 'Leave a Review' form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Accurate and timely background reports are paramount to Toyota’s screening process of new operator applications and changes in ownership. We received this immediately upon switching to Quality Credit Services in addition to significant savings over our previous supplier. As a result, we’ve expanded our screening process in an effort to reduce our risk and conduct a more thorough due diligence in our candidate review process.” 
Toyota Canada Incorporated
Dave Nichols, 
National Manager, Dealer Development

Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada Inc.

“Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada Inc. began working with Quality Credit Reporting to verify itsfranchise applications back in 2001. Quality Credit Reporting has always provided verificationreports that are organized and concise. Wendy’s U.S. franchisor appreciated the quality of thereports provided and started utilizing Quality Credit Reporting in 2013.We feel Quality Credit Reporting provides great customer service to Wendy ’s, our franchiseapplicants and their organizations. They have long term employees who are very pleasant andprofessional. We enjoy working with Quality Credit Reporting to assist us with providing a quality experience for all involved!” 
Wendy's Restaurants of Canada Inc.
Jane Dann
Franchise & Strategic Planning

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