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About Quality Credit Reporting

We are the trusted source of credit report information

Quality Credit Reporting is North America’s premiere Credit Reporting Agency, specializing in in-depth credit reports.

Quality Credit Reporting (Quality Credit Services Limited), was founded to provide companies with a more customizable, in-depth, and analytical approach to credit reporting.

Proven Experience:

For over 30 years, we have been committed to providing unparalleled, high-quality reports and reporting services to businesses in Canada and Internationally.

We specialize in developing comprehensive reports for:

Recognizing the time sensitivity issues of these industries, our sophisticated applications and technology allow us to provide quality reports quickly, while also exceeding industry standards.

Each report is tailored to our clients' specific needs and is presented in an easy to follow, in-depth report. This ensures that our clients get the information they need.

Quality Credit Reporting takes a team approach, utilizing a professional and experienced staff of Paralegals, Credit Investigators, Quality Control, Customer Service, and Sales Personnel.

We believe our commitment to excellence, and the quality of information we provide, sets us apart from other credit reporting services.

Contact us today to request sample reports and to discuss your business needs.

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We're a Canadian Franchise Association Member

QCR is a Member of the Canadian Franchise AssociationThe Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is the Canadian authority on franchising, advocating for and educating the industry, as well as connecting franchises and accredited services providers. 

As a member of the CFA, you can trust that QCR will provide you with the reports and services you need to make the best decision about franchise applicants.  

Quality Credit Reporting

We are an experienced, fully licensed, national credit reporting agency

We use an in-depth investigative style approach to credit reporting

Our custom reports are comprehensive, current and verified

Accurate and timely background reports are paramount to Toyota’s screening process. We received this immediately upon switching to Quality Credit Reporting.

Dave Nichols, National Manager, Dealer Development

Our Credit Reporting Products