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Franchisee Reports

Use the Prospective Franchisee Report as part of your Selection Process

Your candidate may appear to be ideal after a combination of structured interviews and relevant behavioral profiling, however, you don’t want to neglect to uncover what they may not be revealing.

Think outside of your standard procedure and enhance your due diligence with a Prospective Franchisee Report.

Let the Prospective Franchisee Report confirm your applicant’s financial stability, background, and history of delinquent or criminal records as well as answer these questions:

  • Has your candidate been truthful on their franchise application?
  • Is the candidate financially capable to maintain the franchise?
  • Does the candidate have the financial stability to operate the franchise?
  • What are your candidate’s assets and liabilities?
  • Has your applicant had other failed business ventures?
  • Does your applicant have a history of delinquent payments, legal actions or judgments?
  • Does your applicant have negative media or criminal records?

Our in-depth report will help you answer those questions and give  you a clear understanding of your applicants position and background. 

We'll confirm assets including bank account balances, investments, business interests and ownership in real property. We'll also provide information about current liabilities such as credit card balances, mortgages, terms of loans, lines of credit and leases.

Disclosure of derogatory credit information, late payments, NSFs, collection claims, legal actions, legal judgments, and bankruptcies, will help you evaluate an applicant's risk.


In addition to financial information, we can help you evaluate other attributes such as employment, education credentials and professional accreditations.

Contact us today to get a sample report or to enquire about pricing.


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  • Confirmation of Assets
  • Confirmation of Liabilities
  • Personal Background
  • Banking Relationships
  • Derogatory Credit Information
  • Criminal Activity
  • Current Employment & Income
  • Educational Credentials
  • Professional Accreditations
  • False Application Check

Request a sample report.

Request a Sample Report

To learn more about our comprehensive credit reporting products, get in touch with us and request a sample report. Sample reports are available for commercial and individual assessments, property management, franchisors, legal & debt recovery, OEM dealer development, and human resources.
Request a Sample Report

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