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Why Use an Asset Accumulation Report?

Sue McConnachie   |     Oct 18, 2018

Why Use an Asset Accumulation Report? Is money owed to you by another party? Do you have a skipped or delinquent tenant? Are you looking into ways to collect that debt? Are you trying to enforce a judgment? Are you considering legal action? Don’t make a decision just yet.

Before proceeding, it is important to consider the benefits of an Asset Accumulation Report in your decision-making process. 

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking Legal Action Again...

Sue McConnachie   |     Jun 26, 2018

As a property manager, chances are you have dealt with late rental payments and delinquent tenants. While every property manager has their own approach for dealing with these scenarios, ensuring you apply the right solution for each situation will make certain that you walk away with the least amount of damage possible.

In some cases, property managers are too lenient and in others they are too rigid. The key is staying focused on the balance between reasonability and returns. 

Your Guide to Interpreting Key Commercial Tenant Credit Info...

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 20, 2017

Property Managers want to make the best possible decisions to reduce risk and increase success when evaluating tenants. Up-to-date financial and credit information about prospective tenants, renewal tenants, acquisition tenants, or skipped / delinquent tenants, is essential.

We're pleased to share with you a new ebook, "Your Guide to Commercial Tenant Credit Reports", providing an overview of the 16 sections contained in our Comprehensive Tenant Reports.

Acquisition Due Diligence on Existing Tenants for Commercial...

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 01, 2017

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio but it can also be very complex.

Acquiring a property already being leased by existing tenants can make it even more complex. To effectively assess risks and the likelihood that your income stream will continue, we recommend our Acquisition Due Diligence Report.

Dealing with Your Delinquent Tenant

Sue McConnachie   |     Apr 24, 2017

Being a property manager/owner comes with the potential for serious risk, liability and consequences at a time when the scales of justice seem to be tipped in favor of the tenants, even if the tenant is delinquent.

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