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Pre-Employment Screening Reports

In a more trusting era, people would remark that “if you want to know if a person is honest, just ask them”. Even though that comment may have been somewhat mocking there was a time when a person’s statements and documents could be trusted…how times have changed!

Today, recent studies show that 10.7% of all candidates have a criminal record, up to 30% of all candidates exaggerate on their resume, a third of which make exaggerated claims with regards to their education and, 11% of candidates have a red flag in regards to their previous employment.

It is no surprise then that many companies are looking to enhance their pre-employment screening procedures.

At Quality Credit Reporting, we offer a wide range of services and searches to ensure you can discover everything you need to know to hire the best possible person to represent your company.

Personal Background: Confirmation of personal information including legal name, current address and Social Insurance Number

Criminal Record Search: A nationwide search of CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) database will provide information concerning any record of convictions or pending charges for which the potential employee has not been pardoned

Consumer Credit History: Summary of the candidate’s history looks at borrowing facilities including credit card and loan balances and repayment history. Further, credit file reveals employment history and employers which may not have been reported by the candidate

Education Verification: Verification of the candidates post-secondary education is obtained through interviews with representatives of Educational Institutions

Current Employment Verification: Contact is made with the Human Resources departments to verify current employment, start date, position and salary

Former Employer References: Comprehensive interviews are conducted with former employers to confirm previous position start and finish dates, income, reason for leaving, responsibilities and comments regarding strengths and weaknesses

Professional Accreditation Search: Confirmation of professional credentials including whether the candidate is in good standing with a given association, when the designation was obtained and if there are any disciplinary actions noted

Driving Record Abstract: A 3 year history of driver’s status includes violations and points recorded

Collection History: A history of collection actions launched against the candidate are detailed

Bankruptcy History: Government records are examined to determine history of bankruptcies and consumer proposals under the Bankruptcy Act

Legal Actions and Judgments: Pending legal actions and judgments obtained against the candidate are located and particulars of the subject cases are provided


Pre Employment Screening Reports

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  • Personal Background
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Consumer Credit History
  • Education Verification
  • Current Employment
  • Former Employee References
  • Professional Accreditation
  • Driving Record Abstract
  • Collection History
  • Bankruptcy History
  • Legal Actions & Legal Judgements

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Request a Sample Report

To learn more about our comprehensive credit reporting products, get in touch with us and request a sample report. Sample reports are available for commercial and individual assessments, property management, franchisors, legal & debt recovery, OEM dealer development, and human resources.
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