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Income Focused Property Acquisitions 

Value and assess the quality of the tenant base and future income stream you are inheriting.

We provide comprehensive financial reports that assist in accurately assessing an asset’s financial health by determining the quality of its tenant base, and the risk and likelihood of the continuance of its income stream.

Owning a commercial property with the wrong set of tenants could result in the property becoming under-occupied during economic downturns. Income streams must be carefully evaluated before the acquisition of a commercial property, and current tenants carefully vetted to determine the amount of risk involved.

Past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future performance. The access to receivables information and payment history for the existing tenant is the first step - but do not forget to conduct a Financial Credit Report on each existing tenant.

Keep in mind that tenant income dictates the value of the property. Understand that the tenant’s rent is often the last payment they stop making on time due to economic downturns or financial stress.

What Examining Lease Terms, Receivables and Payment History will not reveal:

  • The tenant has outstanding legal actions, judgments and collection claims.
  • The tenant has delinquencies and monies owed for Corporate, HST and Employment related taxes.
  • The tenant has a history of delinquent payments and NSFs with other creditors.
  • The tenant has had fraudulent activity with Financial Institutions.
  • The tenant has pending litigation in the Tax Court of Canada.
  • The tenant's professional accreditation reveals a negative status.
  • The tenant’s corporate registration has been cancelled by Companies Branch or Corporate Tax Branch.
  • The full legal name of the tenant has changed due to amendment or amalgamation.
  • The tenant is no longer registered to conduct business in the applicable province.

Our Existing Tenant Base Financial Reports for Income Focused Property Acquisitions can help! With this report we will assist in appraising the value of the actual tenants, taking into account both their stability and their ability to continue to pay.

Sectors That Can Benefit From Our Reports:

  • Real estate valuation advisory firms
  • Major Canadian pension funds
  • REITs property management companies
  • Funds targeting core properties
  • Commercial real estate lawyers

Service Areas Our Reports Target:

  • Asset Services
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Advisory and Appraisal Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Investments
  • Capital Services and Investment Sales
  • Sales and Acquisition Services
  • Real Estate Investment Valuation Advisory Services

Find out more about our credit reporting products for Property Management and how the reports can help you select the right tenants for your property.

Property Management eBook

Property Management eBook

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Our Credit Reporting Products

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