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Recovery / Legal Reports

Establishing a debtor's/defendant's financial worth and whereabouts is key when considering launching a legal action and when trying to enforce a judgment.

That is why we offer an effective suite of reports designed to assist you, and your company, at different stages of action such as:

  • Prior to Commencing a Legal Action
  • During Pre-Litigation Settlement Discussions
  • When Preparing for Discoveries
  • When Preparing for an Examination in Aid of Execution
  • During Garnishment Proceedings During Post-Litigation Settlement Discussions
Our reports will help you trace assets, locate secured and unsecured liabilities, determine the debtor’s whereabouts for service purposes and locate bank accounts and wages for garnishment. They will also identify fraudulent conveyances, assignment or preference.

Asset Identification: Determining the defendant's assets can be valuable information when preparing for an Examination in Aid of Execution and for Discovery.

Debtor Status: The Debtor Status Report is an excellent decision making tool for lawyers and lenders. We can give you the answers prior to; launching the action, entering into settlement negotiations, and satisfying the judgment. 

Debt Recovery: Determine the probability of debt recovery or satisfying your judgment using a Debt Recovery Report from Quality Credit Services. Our Reports can aid with the various methods of enforcement and the location of the debtor for service purposes.


Quality Credit Reporting - Legal and Debt Recovery Brochure

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  • Asset Identification & Trace
  • Secured & Unsecured Liabilities
  • Identification of Bank Accounts
  • Income / Wages
  • Debtor Status
  • Debt Recovery Evaluation

Request a sample report.

Request a Sample Report

To learn more about our comprehensive credit reporting products, get in touch with us and request a sample report. Sample reports are available for commercial and individual assessments, property management, franchisors, legal & debt recovery, OEM dealer development, and human resources.
Request a Sample Report

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