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Existing Tenant Base Financial Reports for Income Focused Property Acquisitions

Assess the Quality of the Tenant Base You Are Inheriting.

Quality Credit Reporting (QCR) is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive financial reports that assist in accurately assessing an asset’s financial health by determining the quality of the tenant base.

We will help you assess the risk and likelihood of the continuance of the income stream from the property and gauge the underlying caliber of the tenants of a property.

The tenant base is often examined by evaluating lease terms, hidden rent reductions, cost sharing, tax recovery and operating costs. However, don’t forget to assess the security of a property’s future income by confirming you have high quality tenants.

Adding a QCR Existing Tenant Base Financial Report to the due diligence process when purchasing property removes the uncertainty from decisions made by analyzing the cost benefit of an acquisition.

Our reports include:

Corporation Profile: The corporation’s full legal name is confirmed, along with its legal corporate status, which verifies that the company is active and in good standing with both Companies Branch and Corporate Tax Branch (Canada Revenue). 

Sole Proprietorship and Partnership Search: If the business is a sole proprietorship or partnership (general/limited), all current and up-to-date information is collected from the Ministry in the applicable jurisdiction.

Business Interests, Affiliations and Locations: It is helpful to know if the existing tenants have other locations, business interests and or affiliations, revealing possible assets and liabilities.

Professional Accreditation Search: A search is completed when the existing tenant is a registered professional. Confirmation of registration within the applicable association reveals status, date of registration, and other significant particulars. 

Historical Search: Quality Credit Reporting’s superior advantage is that for almost three decades we have been the primary provider of credit reports to the property management industry. The probability is that QCR has previously produced a credit report on the tenants involved in your property acquisition. This previously accumulated information adds great historical insight.

Commercial Credit File: The file will provide a list of trade items that reveal historical payment trends and experience. 

Tax Court of Canada: The bulk of appeals to the Tax Court Court of Canada relate to Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax and Employment Insurance Tax.

Real Property Search: Locate real property assets owned by existing tenants.

Personal Property Lien Registrations: PPSA updates will identify security agreements and liens, including borrowing facilities, lines of credit, term loans, lease facilities, and chattel mortgages. 

Media Search: In-depth media monitoring and full disclosure of negative media exposure. 

Bankruptcy History: Government records are examined to determine a history of bankruptcy, consumer/commercial proposals, debt consolidation orders, receiverships and CCAA filings.

Collection History: Establishing the history of collections will identify both debt and repayment history. 

Legal Actions and Judgments: Negative information including judgments and any current or past legal actions are disclosed in the report.


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  • Confirmation that the legal entity on the lease is currently registered, active and in good standing with Companies Branch and Corporate Tax Branch.
  • Disclosure of negative information, including overdue payments, NSFs, collection claims, tax liens, legal actions, judgments, bankruptcies, pending Tax Court Cases and Corporate Tax Branch Violations.
  • Verification with the Ministry that the existing tenant is registered to do business in the province.
  • Confirmation of banking relationships, and borrowing facilities.
  • Disclosure of negative media exposure.
  • Confirmation of real property owned by the tenant.
  • Historical data.
  • Confirmation of business affiliations and locations.
  • Verification of the status of Professional Accreditation.

Request a sample report.

Request a Sample Report

To learn more about our comprehensive credit reporting products, get in touch with us and request a sample report. Sample reports are available for commercial and individual assessments, property management, franchisors, legal & debt recovery, OEM dealer development, and human resources.
Request a Sample Report

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