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OEM Dealer Development

Select the right candidate to represent your brand

Many hard lessons have been learned in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Industry, especially with regards to dealer development.

As a result, companies are moving towards more sophisticated approaches when it comes to franchise development and the selection of dealers. At Quality Credit Reporting, we specialize in OEM Dealer development for the automotive, equipment and software industries.

We have over 25 years of experience in credit reporting and use investigative-style approaches, combined with an outstanding internal database, to ensure you get the information you need to make the right decision. 

By choosing Quality Credit Reporting, you will soon discover that the costs and losses that result from poor dealer/ operator selection far outweigh the investment required to implement our enhanced screening and selection processes.

Selecting the Right Operator will result in:

  • Minimizing dealer/operator failure and turnover increasing success and profitability
  • Protecting and developing good will for the brand
  • Dedicating your resources to business planning and management in lieu of dispute resolution and problem-solving
  • Minimizing exposure to legal liability for an operator’s wrongful conduct
  • Reducing exposure to legal claims launched by or against unsuccessful operators
  • Decreasing legal and collection claims against delinquent operators

Find out more about Quality Credit Reporting products for OEM Dealers.

Toyota Canada Incorporated

Accurate and timely background reports are paramount to Toyota’s screening process of new operator applications and changes in ownership. We received this immediately upon switching to Quality Credit Services in addition to significant savings over our previous supplier. As a result, we’ve expanded our screening process in an effort to reduce our risk and conduct a more thorough due diligence in our candidate review process.

- Dave Nichols, Toyota Canada Incorporated, National Manager, Dealer Development

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