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Identify Your Delinquent Tenant’s Assets and Liabilities

  Sue McConnachie   |     Sep 16, 2022

Begin the debt recovery process - identify your delinquent tenant's assets and liabilities. Being a property manager brings with it the potential for serious risk, liability and consequences at a time when the scales of justice seem tipped in favour of the delinquent or "bad" tenants. Once a tenant has gone delinquent, property managers must decide whether to proceed with legal action and after all, if there is a minimal probability of recovering the debt, why incur the costs of a suit? The QCS “Asset Accumulation Report” is designed specifically with your skipped and delinquent tenants in mind. It is the most comprehensive report offered in today’s market and has been successful in assisting the property management industry in making decisions regarding the next course of action.

The “Asset Accumulation Report” will identify assets and liabilities and locate the tenant for service purposes. This report will help make decisions at different stages, from the time the tenant first falls into arrears to the time the tenant makes the midnight move. The report assists the landlord when dealing with a rent abatement situation or considering terminating a tenant's lease for unpaid rent. To take legal action or not?
This complimentary guide presents the information you receive in our Asset Accumulation Report.  We explain the relevance of the information included, how to interpret the data, and we offer insight into sections that can be especially helpful in making informed decisions. 
In this eBook, you will:  

  • Learn how to interpret different sections of the QCR report
  • Find out what the tenant’s assets and liabilities prior to incurring costs of legal actions
  • Discover the probability of debt recovery
  • And More!

Download the Guide to Asset Accumulation

To learn more, download Your Guide To the Asset Accumulation Report eBook.
We hope you find the content helpful and informative.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

By Sue McConnachie

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