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Sue McConnachie   |     Jan 10, 2023

Changes are on the way in 2023 due to the introduction of Bill C-27, which is comprised of three different legislations. 

Property Management Resources to Mitigate Risk

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 20, 2022

All areas of commercial property management can be exposed to risk. To mitigate these risks, it is important to take advantage of all the tools available to you whenever possible. 

Successful Income Focused Property Acquisitions – Assess the...

Sue McConnachie   |     Oct 28, 2022

When working in real estate advisory or the commercial property investment industry, due diligence is critical to a successful purchase. This is especially true when it comes to assessing the value and quality of an existing commercial tenant base and the future income stream of the property. 

Identify Your Delinquent Tenant’s Assets and Liabilities

Sue McConnachie   |     Sep 16, 2022

Begin the debt recovery process - identify your delinquent tenant's assets and liabilities. Being a property manager brings with it the potential for serious risk, liability and consequences at a time when the scales of justice seem tipped in favour of the delinquent or "bad" tenants. Once a tenant has gone delinquent, property managers must decide whether to proceed with legal action and after all, if there is a minimal probability of recovering the debt, why incur the costs of a suit? The QCS “Asset Accumulation Report” is designed specifically with your skipped and delinquent tenants in mind. It is the most comprehensive report offered in today’s market and has been successful in assisting the property management industry in making decisions regarding the next course of action.

The “Asset Accumulation Report” will identify assets and liabilities and locate the tenant for service purposes. This report will help make decisions at different stages, from the time the tenant first falls into arrears to the time the tenant makes the midnight move. The report assists the landlord when dealing with a rent abatement situation or considering terminating a tenant's lease for unpaid rent. To take legal action or not?
This complimentary guide presents the information you receive in our Asset Accumulation Report.  We explain the relevance of the information included, how to interpret the data, and we offer insight into sections that can be especially helpful in making informed decisions. 
In this eBook, you will:  

Can You Rely on Your Conventional Screening Process to Tell ...

Sue McConnachie   |     May 19, 2022

Recruiting the best franchisee for your operation is critical to the success and reputation of your organization. You need to eliminate the risk of selecting the wrong candidate at every step of the way. As a franchisor, you have invested in developing a business model that will attract only the best franchisees and the steps taken in the selection process are essential to positive results.

Financial Qualification For The Prospective Franchisee As th...

Sue McConnachie   |     Feb 11, 2022

Franchising is an excellent way to grow your company, but if done incorrectly, can have detrimental effects on your brand, your business and your bottom line.  The Covid-19 pandemic has made financial screening for the prospective franchisees even more vital, in a time of economic instability, as the search for new franchisees to replace failed franchises begins. 

Taking the time to thoroughly screen your franchisee candidates is critical to any franchisor’s success. Without a comprehensive screening process, you will quickly see your resources move from business growth and planning, to quality control, dispute management, and perhaps even litigation.

Quality Credit Reporting Celebrates 30 Years in Business 199...

Sue McConnachie   |     Jan 27, 2022

As we look back on our 30 years, we would like to thank our dedicated staff and loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since year one.  We started small, our niche market being commercial property management. Our growth over the years has led us to become Canada’s primary national provider of credit reporting for property managers and landlords (insurance companies, developers, and pension funds).  

Download Your Guide to The Asset Report for Skipped & Delinq...

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 14, 2021

We’re pleased to share with you a new ebook, “Your Guide to the Asset Accumulation Report for Skipped and Delinquent Tenants”, providing an overview of the 26 sections contained in our Asset Report.

Franchisors Should be Aware of all the Information Available...

Sue McConnachie   |     Dec 06, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has made financial screening for the prospective franchisees even more vital in a time of economic stability, the search begins for franchisees for new locations and to replace failed franchises. Taking the time to thoroughly screen your prospective franchisees is more critical than ever, as the economy has suffered a significant financial blow.

The last thing you want to do is select the wrong franchisee – someone who will negatively affect your brand image, resource management, and ultimately your success.

The problem is that the world of franchising is always changing and it is becoming harder and harder to determine which franchisee applicant will have the greatest likelihood of success.

Tenant Renewal – Be Aware of Changes in Your Tenant’s Financ...

Sue McConnachie   |     Oct 18, 2021

A change in corporate status, increased debt, defaulting with the Canada Revenue Agency and creditors, decreased liquidity, delinquent activity, a change in the corporate name or in the jurisdiction in which your tenant can do business - these are just some of the many changes that could occur from the time your tenant signed their original lease to the time they sign their renewal.

Being unaware of these changes could be detrimental to your continued success in property management.

That is why you need to treat each renewal tenant as you would a prospective tenant, screening them prior to renewing.

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