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  Sue McConnachie   |     Jan 10, 2023

Changes are on the way in 2023 due to the introduction of Bill C-27, which is comprised of three different legislations. 

New laws will strengthen Canada’s Privacy Protection in the digital economy. Bill C-27 is part of a global effort to strengthen privacy regulations around the world. It will bring Canada up to speed with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Bill 64, Quebec’s new privacy legislation. The Government of Canada will be bringing Canada’s privacy and data protection laws in line with international partners.

If passed Bill C-27 will enact three different legislations:

  • Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), to amend parts of PIPEDA
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA), Canada's first artificial intelligence (AI) legislation
  • Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act (PIDPTA), a new tribunal to impose penalties for violations of the CPPA

The Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) will include expanding powers of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada which most notably includes the introduction of severe penalties which will be levied by the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal. The bill will introduce monetary fines of up to 3 percent of gross global revenue or $10 million. Certain serious contraventions of the law will include a maximum fine of higher than 5 percent of gross global revenue or $25 million.

A more in-depth look at areas of the CPPA, AIDA and PIDPTA will be examined in subsequent Quality Credit blogs in the coming months. 

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By Sue McConnachie

 Tags: Insider

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