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How to Reduce Your Tenant Risk? Download This eBook for Property Managers and Find Out

  Sue McConnachie   |     Jan 22, 2020

The current real estate market has brought more people and businesses into the property management sector to take advantage of the up-side of the investment. But like all investments, you need to be prepared and ready to mitigate any risks, liabilities, and consequences.

One of the best ways to mitigate these risks and protect your investment is to ensure you have chosen the best tenant for your listing at the outset, using an in-depth commercial credit report.

This complimentary eBook was created to help you uncover the benefits of in-depth tenant screening in the property management industry, whether you are screening potential tenants, renewing a lease, acquiring rental property, or engaging with a delinquent tenant.

We know that you would never choose a problematic tenant on purpose. You always look for the best possible tenant; someone who seems responsible, easy to work with and capable of paying rent.

But, people are not always what they seem and the approach often taken by property managers can result in a tenant who looks fantastic on paper but is, in reality, unable to meet your standards and requirements.

Download our complimentary eBook to find out why, as a property manager, you need to start using in-depth tenant screening and what information you should be uncovering, using our Due Diligence Checklist!

Property Management

By Sue McConnachie

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