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Quality Credit Reporting Celebrates 30 Years in Business 1992-2022

  Sue McConnachie   |     Jan 27, 2022

As we look back on our 30 years, we would like to thank our dedicated staff and loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since year one.  We started small, our niche market being commercial property management. Our growth over the years has led us to become Canada’s primary national provider of credit reporting for property managers and landlords (insurance companies, developers, and pension funds).  

The founders had a vision to provide the industry with reports which were compulsory to qualify corporate and individual tenants. It was necessary to compete against the only providers of credit reports at the time, the commercial credit reporting database giants who re-sold historical information. We recognized that the property managers and landlords required much more, therefore, we developed a new and effective qualification process.  We proudly changed how prospective tenants qualified for a commercial lease. 

We set out to offer credit reporting services in an entirely different way than the companies who were our competitors at one time. We presented freshly investigated information, replacing what was only an instant historical snapshot of credit worthiness. We decided on offering personal service through direct contact with our investigators, unlike the database companies who offered no assistance on their 1-800 lines. We chose a pay as you go payment option, unlike the credit bureaus who required upfront payment for a specified amount of reports each year, often miscalculated, resulting in loss to the customers at the years' completion. Finally, we provided information that could not be found on a database credit file, using research, contacts and confirmed current data. 

We went on to design an entire suite of products for the industry understanding the need for more than the Prospective Tenant reports. We developed reports for Renewals, Real Estate Acquisition Due Diligence, Design Build and Skipped and Delinquent Tenants, establishing a one-stop-shop for everything the industry needed.

In the early years, our business saw expansion to several other sectors where the need for comprehensive real-time reporting was pursued. We are proud members of the CFA and work closely with the Franchise Industry, providing reports for Prospective Franchisees. The Automotive OEMs depend on our custom reports for Prospective Dealers, Invested General Managers and Employees. The Legal and Banking Industry use our reports to assist in Debt Recovery. Many company Credit Departments continue to use our services to qualify commercial customers. 

We again extend our sincere thanks to our loyal staff and customers for building a great 30 years together. We remain proud of our products and service and look forward to many more years of business.

By Sue McConnachie

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