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Major Benefits of Criminal Background Checks when Screening a Candidate

  Sue McConnachie   |     Mar 29, 2019


The results of the criminal background check will tell you if your prospective employee, franchisee or dealer operator has been honest in their discussions with you. A critical indicator of overall character and integrity will be on full display if inaccuracies or outright lies are uncovered.

Background checks confirm misstatements and fabrications made by candidates, often leading to disqualification from a job, franchise or dealership – you want honesty, integrity and good character representing your brand.


Many companies go to great lengths to promote their good reputation, through risk assessment, reputation response teams, on-line imaging and continually improving products and services. Perhaps one of the best ways to preserve a good reputation is by putting the best employees, franchisees and dealer operators in place. Know who will be representing your brand by conducting the necessary background checks before they become part of your organization.

News travels fast on the internet and social media, negative stories can potentially reach thousands of people instantly. Ensure that this information does not involve someone connected to your organization and that wasn’t screened. Due diligence can go a long way to protect your brand and reputation.


Background checks assist greatly in reducing the chance of future workplace violence by filtering out applicants who could present a risk to the workplace environment. Criminal checks will give the screening necessary to provide critical insight to behavioural habits such as assault, threats, harassment, stalking or abuse, all of which may pose future threats.

Similarly, the background check also will help prevent fraud and theft. It is a known fact that business theft and fraud are most often performed by insiders.


Turnover costs money! The time and training that go into a new hire is significant. The time and money are even more relevant when choosing a franchisee or dealer operator. Investigate the prospective candidates who will be a part of your organization and keep your budget in order.


There are negligent risks involved in not performing enough due diligence in hiring an employee and choosing a franchisee or dealer to operate your brand. You do not want to be directly liable for the actions of your people, and it has become increasingly common to see companies who neglected to check backgrounds face liability.

Situations are preventable when due diligence comes first. Losing money and damaging reputations is not worth the risk. Remember the level of risk is far greater when a person will be exposed to the company’s sensitive material or works with the elderly or minors.

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By Sue McConnachie

 Tags: Franchising

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