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Why Is It Important To Use In-Depth Investigative Credit Reports In All Aspects Of Your Business?

  Sue McConnachie   |     Jun 10, 2019

A credit report is a collection of information that details a company’s, or individual’s, financial and credit history. It provides a risk assessment tool when you are considering commencing business opportunities with vendors, manufacturers, customers, agents, partners, prospective tenants, franchisees, etc.  

While both investigative and database approaches will help you and your company evaluate risk, the two methods of credit reporting differ in many ways. 

Specifically, database style credit reports draw from historical information to offer a snapshot of a company or individual’s situation.

Investigative-style reporting, on the other hand, takes a more detailed look at a person’s or company’s overall position – past, present and future.

Investigative credit reports will consider the information available in databases and financial statements, but, depending on the purpose of your report, you will also receive current and more comprehensive information on the company's/individual’s:

  • Corporate Status
  • Current Business Name Status
  • Professional Accreditation Search
  • Current Bank Rating
  • Current Landlord References
  • Current Supplier References
  • Land Title Sub - Search
  • Personal Property Lien Registrations
  • Consumer Bankruptcies/Proposals
  • Commercial Bankruptcies / Proposals
  • Debt Consolidation Orders
  • Receiverships
  • Media Search
  • Drivers Abstract Records
  • Education Verification
  • Criminal Record History
  • Legal Actions, Judgments, Collections

Additionally, investigative-style reports will help you draw more sophisticated conclusions and identify any worrisome patterns that could have an adverse impact on your business.

Ultimately, while traditional database reports and financial statements provide insight into a company’s or individual’s credit-worthiness, they do not offer the same in-depth information that can be gathered through a more investigative-style approach to credit reporting.

By opting for a more thorough reporting process, you can feel confident that the details you receive are up-to-date, relevant and verified, allowing you to make the best decision possible.

At Quality Credit Reporting, we take an investigative approach to every file and find the most valuable, credible and current information possible to help our clients. QCR does not rely solely on traditional database reports that provide just a snapshot of a company’s or individual’s situation.

We generate flexible, in-depth credit reports that provide valuable insight and ensure you get the information you need to make the best decision for your company, eliminating risk and increasing success. Want to learn more? Contact us today

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By Sue McConnachie

Quality Credit Reporting is North America’s premiere credit reporting agency, committed to providing unparalleled, high-quality reports and services.

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